Semester 1, 2, Allied


Art is a diverse range of human activity and resulting product, that involves creative or imaginative talent, expressing beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas. Arts as an elective, this year focused on the exploration of colors, textures and ideation to create different and one-of-a-kind artworks. The exercises included making a portrait using hole guards, generating an abstract landscape using colors, attempting a still life collage using magazine cutouts and using basic shapes to create cubist style paintings, thus challenging the students to use their creativity in various forms.


Prof. Aneeta Jain


Every exercise challenged the students to think differently and apply varied strategies to create unique artworks. For example, the artwork assignment composed of hole guards was an exercise to understand different hues, tints and shades to provide depth to a two-dimensional composition. The hole guards used, added a specific texture to the artwork. The exercise not only intended to imitate a selected image and render it in colors but, also abstract it and create a colorful drama. In the still life mosaic assignment, the entire composition comprises of tiny bits of images from magazines. Bits of the same color but different shades and tinge were used to add depth and maintain the essence of still life art. A certain and conscious flow and scheme of colors was kept in mind. The subtle gradient of the backdrop and blended hues of the magazine bits bring the sense of realism in the artwork alive but the broken lines from the magazine bricks bring the beauty of the image alive.
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