Product Design

Semester 3, Allied


The ever-changing means of expressing art greatly affect the arts, crafts and textiles. As machine made products continue to take over the world market, the skilled artisans struggle to find a way to keep these rare skills and art forms alive on their own. So, it becomes our responsibility as students, as art enthusiasts to spread awareness about these rare and dwindling art forms and artisans. The exercise aimed at researching about and understanding the logistics of various Indian arts and crafts which are lesser known as compared to others. Study was done to learn about them, the materials and processes involved and its application. The final part of the exercise required to design a product that incorporated the art form in a traditional or contemporary fashion, taking inspiration from the same.


Ar. Khushboo Adhiya


Orrisa was known as Utkala during the ancient and medieval times. Utkala the name itself means – the land of excellence in art and craft. The art forms here, are visual manifestations of the rich cultural heritage of Orrisa and reflect on a tradition which still lives in the creative imagination and skill of her craftsmen. Various painting styles, textile materials and crafts from Orissa were researched and understood for this exercise. The creativity presented in these arts by various regional and local groups is astounding. These arts and crafts which are explored in their humble forms, represent community’ cultures as a whole.So, the idea was to simply, introducethese innumerablestylesin a calendar, wherein each month would acknowledge a different style a region in Orissa offers. Thus, presenting the myriad of art styles Orissa has to offer in a contemporary product.
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