Illumination From Waste

Semester 5, Allied


Light and illumination form an integral part of designing and creating a space amongst many other elements. Light plays a crucial role in achieving the required comfort for a user to perform their respective activities. The exercise aimed at exploring various typologies of spaces and their required lighting. It further explored various waste materials that potentially could be upcycled and reused, converting these materials into light fixtures for different contexts and user experiences. These designs were formed into prototypes that could be applied and used in a variety of spaces.


Ar. Khushboo Adhiya, Ar. Ruark Figueiredo 


A rustic wall lamp that casts light upwards, adding to the room’s ambiance. This lamp can also be used as a hanging spotlight, giving the space a rustic/bohemian feel. The lamp’s soft light shines through the woven jute rope and mesh panels, giving these conventional materials a new lease of life while showing the craftsmanship that went into their creation. It looks great as a lamp on a feature wall, on either side of a bed, or hung over a table in a contemporary restaurant.
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