Building Information Modeling

Semester 7, Allied


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3d model-based process software, providing digital representation of physical and functional characteristics. Across the world, BIM is a crucial and even mandated process to ensure the planning, design, and construction of buildings is highly efficient and collaborative. The BIM industry is evolving every day with new trends emerging every moment, the elective was thereby a perfect exposure for upcoming architects.


Ar. Shardul Patil


The elective consisted of understanding various dimensions of BIM and its application in the professional practice. It began with learning the Rhino software as a tool for modelling. Later, it focused on various parameters that contribute to the design of a building. These parameters included solar analysis, building orientation and façade treatment. The elective concluded with an insight of Parametric Design using Grasshopper, which offered a chance of understanding complex geometries through visual programming.
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