Urban Design and Town Planning

Semester 7, Allied


The immediate social and physical environment around one’s dwelling unit, is often referred to as ‘Neighborhood’. It is also used to describe a socially distinguished area depending on residents’ perception. Perceptions of neighborhood may vary according to the age and physical ability & mobility. ‘Mohalla’ in Hindi aptly presents the essence of a ‘Neighborhood’. For ages traditional settlements have been developed as neighborhoods, that were self-sufficient in terms of basic amenities and were conducive to community living. The aim of this studio was to analyze the area delineated or perceived as his/her ‘Mohalla’ by the student and assessing the qualities of the same.


Ar. Suneeta Samant, Ar. Khudeja Patel, Ar. Munira Arsiwala, Ar. Harshad Bhatia, Ar. Manasi Chokshi


Vile Parle, also known as “Parla”, is a neighborhood in the western suburb of Mumbai. It is divided into two parts: Vile Parle east and Vile Parle west separated by the western railway line. The east-west boundaries of Vile Parle are from Juhu (west) to Sahar, Santacruz (East). The northern boundary is Andheri and southern boundary is Santacruz. The neighborhood has people from all sections of the society. During the process of the studio, the ‘mohalla’ was analyzed through various parameters. As a conclusion, the area was found self-sufficient in terms of the amenities it provided. Owing to the presence of amenities, social interaction and gathering spaces, the people of the ‘mohalla’ know each other and thus, give a feeling of neighborliness.
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