Town Planning- Gangtok, Sikkim

Batch 2021, Allied


Government of India has launched the Smart Cities Mission in 2015 with an objective to promote sustainable and inclusive cities for driving the economic growth and improving the quality of life of people by enabling local area development and harnessing technology which particularly leads to Smart outcomes.

The studio project involved a comprehensive study of an existing city and the review of Smart City Proposal prepared for that city to attain sustainable development future. Criterion for selection of case studies included a)Winning Cities in round 3 of Smart City Mission 2)State Capital 3)Population range belt 1 lakh to 10 lakh.

Emphasis was laid on –

  1. Understanding the physical, cultural, socio-economic, demographic, and environmental aspects of a City
  2. Understanding the planning & development related issues
  3. Assessment of the City through S.W.O.T Analysis
  4. Study of Smart City Mission, its objectives, strategies and procedure
  5. Study of Smart City Proposal prepared for the city


Ar. SuneetaSamant, Ar. Khudeja  Patel, Ar. Munira Arsiwala

Gangtok a hill station in the Sikkim state lies at a 75 km distance from the West Bengal border. Nestled within higher peaks of the Himalaya and enjoying  ayear-round   mild   temperateclimate,  Gangtok  is  at  thecentre of Sikkim tourism industry.Gangtok  is  well  connected  with  major  cities  by road.  National  Highway  31  leads  to  Gangtok  via Siliguri town in West Bengal. Gangtok’s economy does not have a largemanufacturing  base,  but  has  a  thriving cottage   industry   in   watch-making,country-made alcohol and handicraft. The Government of Sikkim (GoS) and the Building & Construction Authority (BCA)  of  Singapore signed a MOU in June 2006 in which BCA agreed to  assist  in  forming  a  consortium  to  undertake various important projects in Sikkim. In Dec 2007, Surbana  International  Consultants Pvt  Ltd,  led  by  BCA  and  in  collaboration  with other Singapore-based specialists, Master Consult and  Institute  of  Environmental  Science  & Engineering of Nanyang Technological University, were commissioned to carry out urban planning consultancy  services  for  preparation  of  Master Plans for 4 selected towns in the State of Sikkim including Gangtok. The primary long-term objective of spatial planning for Gangtok is to decongest the core city area, upgrade the existing assets and disperse the settlement pattern to the hinterland thereby creating a Greater Gangtok Planning Area.
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