Today, information is at the disposal of the users around the clock but the authenticity of the same is uncertain. Society is drifting away from reading to simply viewing screens due to which the young generation is losing its creative and analytical abilities. They are creating isolation amongst the youth, creating the further need for better reading spaces for people to come hold discussions and do research.

The program was to create a space that provides an atmosphere to encourage people to soak in the words, think, dream, debate and crystallise their thoughts. With its multifunctional activities the Reading Space would be a popular hangout amongst the students, encouraging activities such as poetry and book readings, human libraries, stand-up comedy etc, attracting scholars and the youth from both inside and outside the campus. The site was situated in an institutional campus amidst dense trees. It was opposite the library and it would serve as an extension of the same, housing a reading space and a cafe amongst other allied spaces.

Mentors – Ar. Payoja Raikar, Ar. Chaitra Sharad , Ar. Rajan Subhedar, Ar. Anuradha Wakade, Ar. Prachee Nadkarni, Ar. Parnavi Karandikar


The idea was to create a space which accommodated every type of reader and their habits. A space which promoted healthy discussions among peers, provided privacy to the readers but also, most importantly a space that would ‘transform with the user’. The organic nature of the form, curves in a way that feels seamless, creating spaces that merge into each other, while still maintaining their individual identities.

The large canopies of the structure evoke the feeling of sitting under a tree. A feeling of being sheltered while still being out in the open environment is instilled.

The form of the structure draws the user into the space leading them towards the reading space that sits by the water body on the edge of the site. Apart from the designated reading space, the design offers multiple knooks and corners that can be utilized as reading spaces while also serving their regular function.


This space with no walls and grand undulating roofs creates a lasting impression on the user while providing a unique space for a mundane activity, that is reading. The space can be used for hosting events, informal teaching sessions, displaying art, performing, a cafe, resting spot, large gatherings or even just hanging out.

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