A Nurturing Environment for Street Children, Mumbai

Mayank Mangal Special Mention Batch 2020

Synopsis :

Little ones with painted faces perform and beg to feed their empty stomachs, they dodge between vehicles at traffic lights to sell bare minimum with infants in their arms who have started their life at streets, 12-year old working at tea stalls, polishing shoes, picking garbage these are a few faces of street children. They have one thing in common- a HOPE; that one day they would have a place to sleep which would be safe and protect them from darkness, heavy rains, a place where they would be able to fill their stomach without a doubt, a place which protects them from violence and from being treated as humans of no value, a place which teaches them to stand up and face the society and encourage them to explore their dreams.

These street children have to protect themselves daily from crimes, police behind them for no reason, mafia sending them to beg for money after beating them, female trafficking with the little girls and there is no end.

The study is completely focused on the hope that is seen in the eyes of these street children, the neglected part of the society to understand the life on streets and the phenomena street children to accommodate their rights by designing a facility that works as a platform for these street children to grow and narrowing down to the solution a ‘Nurturing Environment for Street Children’ which will work as a platform that is safe and homely for street children, to stop the exploitation by providing a shelter to stay, rehabilitation from mental & physical illness, and skill development for their future welfare & security and a coping mechanism that secures the future of these children by educating them.


Ar. Siddharth Shirur, Ar. Shilpa Sharma, Ar. Vinit Mirkar, Ar .Khudeja Patel

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