Baandh Rakshak Bhagwati : The Sacred Water front Batch 2024

Award of Merit (Central Zone) – Heritage Awards 2019 – Excellence in Documentation of Unprotected Heritage – Water & Heritage hosted by Intach Heritage Academy

Synopsis :

Dhamapur is a village located in the Malvan tehsil of Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra. The village is known for its religious and mythological beliefs which keeps the entire community connected and the village united, which are evident in the temple complex located at the shores of the Dhamapur lake. It is known to be one of the largest water-bodies of the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. The lake receives water throughout the year and remains full throughout the year.

Dhamapur lake is a successful example of a traditional water-harvesting system that has been built in a way to benefit local villagers. Its efficacy has been augmented by the temples built upon the dam. Thus, an ingenious system of faith based on respect and worship of nature, based upon the concept of maintaining an ecological balance is seen to flourish.

The geographical environment has inhered the existing myths and legends, which entwine the deities with nature and endears the resulting combination to the villagers. The intangible factors are the deities and the legends, which in their primary roles, cause the lake to be protected from pollution. The importance of the site is enhanced by it being used as a gathering point for the local communities. At present, this has also led to an increase in the tourism sector and the corresponding demand for infrastructural expansion. It is hoped that this does not lead to the sacrifice of the intangible factors which have given this site its environmental richness. The following documentation focused on the 4 temples in the temple complex around the lake and a through investigation was done to understand the historical, architectural and cultural significance of the heritage site.


Ar. Vivek Korlekar, Ar. Gaurav Dambe, Ar. Pratik Dhanmer, Ar. Saurabhi Naik, Dr. Siddhesh Patil, Ar. Shilpa Sahrma, Ar. Riddhima Khedkar

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