Community Center

Semester 2, Design

Brief :

Community centers are vital nodes across the city that provide opportunities for individuals to socialize, study, and relax in pleasant surroundings. A community center should, by its very nature and design, embody the values and aspirations of each community and serve as a gathering place for people of all ages. Thus, the design brief aimed to challenge the students to comprehend the context, people, and built fabric of the specific location in order to create a community space that would comprise of a public library, an amphitheater, an outdoor performance area, a cafeteria, and other allied spaces.


Ar. Vivek Korlekar, Ar. Shilpa Sharma, Ar. Sejal Ghag, Ar. Archana Thakur, Ar. Rucha Sathe,
Ar. Himani Tawade, Ar. Pratik Dhanmer


Just like how architecture flows, merges and fits itself into any other setting it is built in, the public space intervention looks into blending itself with its surrounding context, while still managing to impart a sense of identity to the place as a whole. Closed, semi-open and open spaces are created in conjunction with the immediate surrounding of where the project is set in, which further create an emphasis on the aspect of blending while providing a newer, improved sense of experience to mundane activities like eating outside or reading newspaper by a tea stall. Attention is paid to materiality, movement and experience that the project imparts while aiming to make itself approachable, inviting and providing a sense of comfort and relaxation.
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