Basic Design​

Semester 1, Design

Brief : 

A set of exercises were proposed for the 1st year students, to begin exploration and extraction of unexplored configurations, spaces and learnings from direct objects, planes and visuals. The first exercise aimed to explore design both, 2dimensionally and 3dimensionally by conceptualizing compositions with the help of a design principle for each. Basic shapes such as a triangle, square and a circle were composed two dimensionally and a pyramid, a cube and a cylinder were visualized three dimensionally to create ambiguous designs. Second exercise aimed to transform a 2dimensional paper into a 3dimensional space by creating openings and adding planes to the given A3 paper to carve out interesting spaces. The third exercise was set to abstract architectural photographs of selected projects by renowned architects and layering it into three steps.


Ar. Ajay Ghag, Ar. Archana Thakur, Ar. Bipin Singh, Ar. Pratik Dhanmer, Ar.Sejal Ghag, Ar. Vivek Korlekar


Abstraction is a beautiful journey leading to a realization of one’s creative flow. It could be a version of the world that only, that person can see through their own set of eyes. It necessitates a certain amount of spontaneity as well as, a sub-conscious effort. The project encouraged students to experiment with abstract forms. One’s understanding of the world could be compared to a multi-coloured painting giving one the freedom to look at things from a different angle and render them. Art is more than just being visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. It might be a carrier of one’s thoughts, inspiration, feelings, and experiences. And constructing forms from such ideas would be nothing more than an attempt to explore those ideas by transforming them into spaces. These created spaces have a very special and personal touch to them.
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