Line, Dot, Curve

Semester 2, Design

Brief : 

This space making exercise aimed to identify, understand and implement principles of design using the basic components of lines, circles and curves. These were variably composed two-dimensionally to bring out multiple combinations of the same. The overlaps and intersections were then converted into three dimensions, by adding varied volumes to each entity. Further the carved-out spaces were analyzed on the basis of their lengths, volumes and scale to identify the underlined design principles. The completion of this exercise initiated spatial explorations and emphasized the significance of design principles amongst the students.


Ar. Shilpa Sharma, Ar. Ajay Ghag, Ar. Bipin Singh, Ar. Rucha Sathe, Ar. Sejal Ghag, Ar. Vivek Korlekar, Ar. Archana Thakur,
Ar. Pratik Dhanmer


Simple two-dimensional compositions were made with lines, circles and curves. Four amongst these many compositions were put together and modified to form a visually balanced composition in two dimensions. This composition was then projected into the third dimension, thus converting this set of lines and curves into a variety of volumes which were then treated to create and craft playful spaces. Design principles like emphasis, asymmetrical balance, rhythm, etc. were identified which were created due to various volumes and shapes observed. Play of light and shadows due to the openings and the architectural elements, experiences created due to the same and movement patterns were observed as well.
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