Interior Design

Semester 3, Design

Brief : 

Studio apartments are notoriously difficult to decorate, but living in such small spaces doesn’t have to be unpleasant. The brief aims at developing the interiors of a studio apartment housing a minimum of two residents. It gave an opportunity to the students to style a doubly height apartment with a single bedroom, a large living space and a kitchen. The approach focused on being at par with the client requirements, while taking the aesthetics of the spaces into consideration. The client profiles were derived from user interviews, in order to understand the opportunities and limitations for the designer. The brief also emphasized on using design strategies, to give the user a better experience in terms of lighting and ventilation. Keen attention to details like furniture design and furnishes, fittings and fixtures, was another important part of the design brief.


Ar. Payoja Raikar, Ar. Rajan Subhedar, Ar. Manjushree Desai, Ar. Ankit Salva, Ar. Chetan Desai, Ar. Rinki Kotak.


With a limited space for interior design, a modern and minimalistic design approach is the best suitable concept. This same idea is applied to this residential project comprising of a studio apartment for a small family. The design is very simple with carefully thought of spaces, worked out into every detail. The goal was to create an environment that is harmonious and pleasing to the eye. Use of grey and brown colored furniture in background with vibrant-colors and light white walls complements the rustic furniture. The design caters to the clients’ needs of flexible spaces with an open kitchen design, a small balcony design and separate bedrooms for the couple and their children keeping their future needs in mind.
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