Cafeteria Design

Semester 4, Design

Brief : 

Unique lively spaces on campus are critical to institutional identity. Such a public space is a must in an institutional campus where students needs such as comfort, relaxation and social encounter are fairly taken care of. The brief of the exercise provides the students an opportunity to design a café as a part of a larger reading center in an institutional campus, with a pre-existing library nearby. The site is located near a waterbody, adding to the scope for unique design explorations. The brief has far more to it than just picking matching furniture for the café, and apart from coming up with a successfully functional eatery, it aims at enhancing the students’ and other users’ experience at the campus.


Ar. Payoja Raikar, Ar. Rajan Subhedar, Ar. Manjushree Desai, Ar. Ankit Salva, Ar. Chetan Desai, Ar. Rinki Kotak.


The project revolved around creating a form centered around angularity and skewed lines to create a variety of volumes and the subsequent experiences they offered. The interior spaces are addressed with a variety of industrial materials and colors which offer a very rustic view of the cafe. The furniture and embellishments are also designed in accordance with the concept of angles and skewed lines, thus emphasizing on the same while adding elements of surprise for the user. An additional art gallery is also put up within the space that exhibits the world and art of the students on the campus, providing a space for showcasing their creative nuances.
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