Science Museum

Semester 6, Design

Brief : 

A science gallery is a public institution that delivers unique transdisciplinary exhibitions, events, and educational programs that engage millions of inquiring minds every year in connective, participative, and surprising ways. It offers a social space to develop ideas, imagine the future, and realize dreams. Bringing science, art, technology and design together, a science gallery ignites a passion in young people for new ideas and areas of study that can help to guide their career and educational choice, equipping them with resilience, empathy, and ethical understanding to thrive in the knowledge economy. The brief challenges the students to design such a science gallery.


Ar. Shilpa Chandawarkar, Ar. Sanket Mhatre, Ar. Manasi Chokshi, Ar. Rinki Kotak, Ar. Veena Takale, Ar. Sidharth Shirur


The project aims at creating an equilibrium between science and nature by the virtue of introducing nature into the design. The program was understood whilst keeping the surrounding context of the sea and the buildings around. Forms were achieved in all the three dimensions keeping in mind the elements of wind and light so as to make maximum use of natural forces and thus, create a lively space for the employees and visitors alike. Pre-existing vegetation characteristics were studied and sustainable architecture measures were introduced in coordination with the same. Smaller courtyards would surround the building and have trees and vegetation forming interactive spaces between the functional spaces. These spaces could be used by the users to interact with each other as they walk through. Thus, the overall insertion of nature into the built form led to the formation of a play of built and unbuilt masses throughout the project. In continuation with the same, attention was paid to providing a seamless, comfortable experience to the user, taking aid from nature itself and thus, creating a space that harmonizes the natural and the man-made.
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