Roman Forum

Semester 5, Design

Brief : 

The Forum Romanum, despite being a relatively small space, was central to the function and identity of the city of Rome. Today, the Forum lies in ruins but it has influenced the city to a great extent. Every city does need such a place which can reinforce its identity and public environment. But with changing times one cannot replicate the same design. Thus, there lies a need to innovate and re-imagine. The end result of this studio would be an ideal public place which responds appropriately to its settings and its people and thus, create an identity of itself.


Ar. Shilpa Chandawarkar, Ar. Sanket Mhatre, Ar. Manasi Chokshi, Ar. Rinki Kotak, Ar. Veena Takale, Ar. Alankar Taishete


The main design narrative revolved around creating an experience while traversing the space’s interface. The experience was led by a bridge and the corresponding spaces that formed around it, branching into further smaller experiences and activities that followed. The ‘Forum Romanum’ played a key role in creating a communal focal point, one towards which various members of a diverse socio-economic community could gravitate. The design attempts to reinforce a sense of community belonging that the forum created. So various parameters including roman culture and lifestyle, role of public places and its functionality, street character of the historic context and materiality were studied and integrated. The built mass was derived from the various architectural, socio-cultural and historic nuances that the site and context had to offer. The project aimed at tapping into the rich culture and history of the site whilst introducing a modern architectural nuance at the same time.
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