Mixed-Use Housing

Semester 7, Design

Brief : 

Housing is the core need of human beings providing shelter, safety, privacy for them and their respective families. A community of such shelters where respective families live together that provides them with security, shared space, recreation spaces, amenities, all within close vicinity, gives rise to a neighbourhood. A housing community that has a mix of individual, family type, gender helps keep the societal balance and caters to the growing needs of family. In the current scenario, with the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, many aspects about community housing have required to be updated. Thus, for this design exercise, students are expected to research and analyse ways families live, changing living and working patterns due to the pandemic and evolve design solutions to cater to this.


Ar.Ruark Figueiredo , Ar. Ajay Ghag, Ar. Prateek Banerjee, Ar. Abhijeet Doshi, Ar. Khudeja Patel


The residential complex houses 200 families having distinct number of members belonging to different age groups. The design attempted to follow this age group segregation such that families comprising of children and senior citizens were given houses on the lower floors for safety purposes. The ground floor would be a vehicle free zone as all the vehicles go into the basement for parking and pickup/drop-off. The design concept began with the idea of having the major amenities for adults facing towards the river, while for children, visually connecting to their apartments. The structure was built taking climatic conditions into consideration and ease of circulation for users, by both pedestrians and vehicles. The major mass sits along the edges, creating a courtyard in between. In process, a chunk of mass on the south west side was removed to provide passive cooling by wind passing through trees and over the river. The mass on above floors was retained so as to protect the area from harsh south light. To provide for maximum north light and creating a separate area for the shops, shop houses and the residential complex, the north mass on the upper floors was subtracted. After conceptualizing design by climatic conditions, circulation was taken into consideration wherein a single entrance zone for both pedestrians and vehicles into the wings was achieved by splitting the east wing into 2 parts. A separate pedestrian entrance was also formulated on the west side directly opening into the promenade. The wing looking into the courtyard was then stepped to provide for lavish terraces for family units. Shops were staggered from shop houses to separate it from public and private zones as the commercial entrance is located on the north and west areas of the site. The community area was provided on the south side, so that it has a direct connection from all wings and is looking directly towards the river.
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