Self sustainability in rural area - The case of Jawhar Tehsil

Semester 10, Design


Ar. Shilpa Chandawarkar, Ar. Sanket Mhatre, Ar. Prachi Nadkarni, Ar. Faizan Khatri, Ar. Namrata Sharma, Ar. Kirtida Unwalla


A distinct pattern in reverse migration was observed during the current pandemic scenario which affected thousands of lives due to unemployment.  Rural population migrated to cites in search of job opportunities and better lifestyle. Rather, if adequate opportunities are created in village for the same populace, the need for migration will eventually experience a downfall. Villages are rich in fertile landform, dynamic culture, abundant nature and scenic views and creativity in various forms. If all this is utilized to its maximum capacity by providing opportunities to promote these things to a higher level, rural will stay back in villages which will eventually lead to the overall rural development The project aims to bring about improvement in the area as a step towards sustainable growth through entrepreneurial development in agriculture, tadeonal artforms and related aspects.
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