Integrating transit nodes at Saat Rasta, Mahalaxmi

Semester 10, Design


Ar. Shilpa Chandawarkar, Ar. Sanket Mhatre, Ar. Prachi Nadkarni, Ar. Faizan Khatri, Ar. Namrata Sharma, Ar. Kirtida Unwalla


Co-existence of three transit nodes at Saat Rasta, Mahalaxmi creates an opportunity for urban regeneration that promotes high-density mixed-use development. A comprehensive development strategy that is based on the principles of TOD; would help preserve and enhance the value of Saat Rasta node. Mahalaxmi, at present is a mixture of high-end real estate in few pockets surrounded by defunct industrial and parcels of old building blocks. The site area has potential owing to presence of these nodes but due to lack of connectivity it has not been realized. The design would intend to integrate the 3 transit nodes in the area through building development by implementing Hybrid Building typologies to Mixed Use neighborhoods in a Transit Oriented context there by, reaching for Sustainable Urban Development.
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