Group Housing

Semester 4, Design


Situated in an ecologically rich site and surrounded by Mangalore-tile clad rural houses, the project was meant to be a residential design proposal for ‘Syamantak’. ‘Syamantak’ is a center for experiential, lifelong learning and sustainable living situated in Dahamapur, Malvan. The architectural intervention would aim to be an extension of their vision, focusing on the comfort and experience of the residents whilst extending the philosophy of ‘Syamantak’ itself. Special attention was to be paid to their ideologies and the translation of their ethos into architecture as well as other allied activities and functions.


Ar. Payoja Raikar, Ar. Chaitra Sharad, Ar. Rajan Subhedar, Ar. Anuradha Wakade, Ar. Prachee Nadkarni, Ar. Mythili Shetty


The space that we inhabit vastly affects our mental as well as social well-being. Intermediate spaces like corridors, staircases and courts become center points for social interaction. These are the spaces where people run into each other after work, have a chat and lounge around in their free time. The design revolves around these mundane spaces that are the backbone of social interaction. It creates spaces that are suitable for public use but at the same time create room for individuals to have their own private space. The 7 different topologies of this project vary in a way to perfectly suit their functions. Elements like ‘jaali’ walls on the south facade, a north-south orientation, gable roofs, cross clerestory roof etc act as a response to the climatic conditions of the site while bringing in ample amounts of natural light into the indoor spaces. This light quality is further enhanced by the use of light wells, voids and skylights in strategic places. The individual houses are arranged in an inward-looking manner which creates an opportunity for social interaction among the inhabitants. Spaces like the verandahs, ’kattaas’ around the trees, corridors and common courts become the highlight of the design creating a lively and interactive atmosphere.
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