Dhawad Documentation

Batch 2022

Summary :

In the interiors of Madhya Pradesh, along the river Khudar, in Rajnagar Tehsil of Chattarpur district lies the warm and welcoming village of Dhawad. As per the elders of the village, Dhawad is about 200 years old. Due to the proximity to the river and a city like Khajuraho, their ancestors settled here to practice farming. It is an abode for 361 families with a populace of about 800.

The radial settlement traditionally developed in clusters wherein people from one occupational background and community lived together. Over time, the occupational backgrounds have taken shape into socio-economic divisions and a transition of houses through the years from mud and cob to RCC constructions.

The aim of the documentation was to gain a comprehensive understanding of the physical, architectural, socio-cultural and intangible aspects of the settlement. To gain a more layered understanding of the village, it was documented by 6 teams, each documenting one cluster. This book is based on the documentation of Dhawad, Madhya Pradesh.


Ar. Payoja Raikar, Ar. Vivek Korlekar, Ar. Shardul Patil, Ar.Manasi Chokshi, Ar. Foram Avlani, Ar. Subin Selva

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