Kolhapur Documentation

Batch 2022

Summary :

Any structure does not exist in its own right. It is envisioned as a place where a variety of human activities might take place in response to sociocultural, economic, and political needs. Prior to beginning the design, it is necessary to define various design parameters of the project. Understanding these criteria is especially important when developing in an area with a long history. The sites for the semester 5 AD project were located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. As a part of the site visit, the students were divided into groups and each group took up various design criteria to study and analyze the city, its context, and the selected sites.

Since Kolhapur has a rich history and cultural background, the students used photographs, drawings, and sketches to examine the water borders, elements, and details, socio-cultural features, building typology, chowks, and streets surrounding the sites. This effort aided them in making critical planning decisions and developing a more comprehensive approach towards the design.


Ar. Sanket Mhatre, Ar. Chaitra Sharad, Ar. Shilpa Chandawarkar, Ar. Prachee Nadkarni, Ar. Alankar Taishete, Ar. Rinki Kotak, Ar. Mythili Shetty, Ar. Parnavi Karandikar

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