Modern Facades

Batch 2022

Summary :

Facades or Building envelopes are the physical separators between the conditioned and unconditioned environment. These facades although often ignored make an important part of the architectural design of a structure. They act as a barrier to external elements such as rain, wind, dust, noise etc. In addition to the functional aspect, building envelopes also impart aesthetics and often form the identity of the structure. An exercise to study successfully designed facades was proposed to highlight the significance of façade design. About 27 such structures were selected, involving innovative façade systems, fixing details and materials to break away from the restrictive technologies. This book is a compilation of such cases of modern facades designed to suit its respective building typology, planning, users and climatic zone. These façade systems were studied and their designs were analyzed as a response to its function and climate. This analysis implied the importance of façade design as a primitive stage in designing and initiated use of innovative materials and systems in further design projects.


Ar. Himani Tawade, Ar. Parikshit Wagdhare, Ar. Rucha Sathe, Ar. Paritosh Tillu

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