Decoding precedents of Ahmedabad

Batch 2020

Summary :

The architectural marvels built by the masters in the architectural field impart important lessons about light, volumes, abstractness of spaces and, most importantly, about the time these were built in. These are the precedents that we look up to and the quality of spaces we aspire to achieve. In this exercise, we aimed to draw inferences by analysis of the spaces of these designs. This was done primarily through the process of making models. These learnings helped us understand the design process employed by various architects within the same geographical context and institutional function in order to find out similarities and dissimilarities in design decisions, materiality and construction techniques.


Ar. Sanket Mhatre, Ar. Chaitra Sharad, Ar. Shilpa Chandawarkar, Ar. Prachee Nadkarni, Ar. Alankar Taishetye, Ar. Veena Takle, Ar.Himani Tawade

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